A native of Great Britain, I began my design career in London, and following a stint in New York with renowned designer, Tom Carnase, I settled in Houston.

My experience in both print and electronic design I have helped all kinds of businesses from multi-national corporations to local start-ups improve communication with their audiences through design.

I can often be found in my studio drinking tea and insisting color is spelt with a 'u'.

Press: Sysco rebrand featured in NY Times, Branding article featuring Sysco

Inspiration: René Magritte, Dawn, Massimo Vignelli, Beastie Boys, Darby, Bob Gill, Paula Scher, Paul Rand, Adrian Frutiger, Roman, Star Wars, Public Enemy, Brené Brown, Milton Glaser, Gichin Funakoshi, Dieter Rams, Tom Carnase, Shane McGowan, Mike Dempsey, Alan Fletcher, Georges Seurat.